Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Robin Grice (UM)


My name is Robin Grice, and I’m a mixed media artist. My work revolves around the idea of identity and history, whether personal history or American history. My entry into the creative arts is through writing, although I’ve always been a maker, I’ve always painted and made stuff. At some point I realized that I was able to get at what I wanted much more successfully through my painting and my object making. My work is a real mix of a lot of very different things. I’m trying to mix ideas, cultures, I take things from family stories, I take things from my personal life, I take things from what’s happening in the news, and I try to get it all to fit together. And in the words of Elizabeth Murray, I don’t want them to just sit next to each other, I want them to really mesh and relate and connect.

So that’s what my work is all about.

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