Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Anna So Young Han (Cranbrook)

Untitled, 2007
Wallpaper, circle panels (painting), string

My name is Anna So-Young Han, and I’m originally from Korea. I went to undergraduate at Pratt In Brooklyn. I studied painting for a long time. Things that I’m doing right now, I do abstract painting, but in an installation way. So I do digital prints, I design my own wallpaper, and then I do make a panel and paint and it becomes an installation. But it didn’t come out right away. There were processes like, I started out with a painting, with using wallpaper, but now I’m making my own. I guess I’ve always been interested in installation and use of the space. Even though I started with the two-dimensional, I always ended up coming to the three-dimensional work, installation pieces.

My idea is about the place, and I use the element of map codes or lines and shapes that we easily see to indicate certain places and I create in abstract form. That came from my personal inspiration that I moved so many places since I left home, I was in North America for seven years, and I’ve been moving a lot of places. I like the idea of the place. So I started this idea.

When I was an undergrad, we don’t really know what we are doing, and I had struggled with my art. Of course I think every artist goes through that. I was focused on myself, my emotion, my identity, being here in America, in art school, and as an artist. Then after I came to Cranbrook, I sort of wanted to get away from looking just at myself. We are artists so we are interested in so many other things, everything almost. One idea that stuck to me is the idea of real so I started to make art based on ideas. Somehow right now, it’s like a collaboration of my last year’s work, which was based on ideas, and my undergrad work that was more based on my personal ideas. So now it’s since collaborating with each other. So I guess that’s the process of my work so far.

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